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About Me

My name is Vartan and I have been playing the Total War series of games (and modifications) since 2005. I have a B.A. in history and am pursuing a Ph.D. in linguistics. If you would like to ask me any questions, please do so by leaving me a message on my talk page.

About the EB Wiki

I created this wiki at first as a replay repository for the Europa Barbarorum multiplayer experience. However, I made an independent website for EB Online and turned my sights elsewhere. This wiki's aim is to become a large, broad knowledge base for players of EB to turn to when they need help, assistance, information, or are just generally interested in learning more about the game. Please read the gudielines section below if you wish to become an editor / contributor.

Guidelines for Contributors

If you'd like to contribute to this wiki as an editor, please take note of the following. First and foremost, read the EB Wiki Workflow to get an idea of the direction this wiki is taking. Next, read the File Naming Conventions. Thank you.

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