Welcome all, from near and far! Welcome to the EB Replay Repository, where you may download as well as submit your own Europa Barbarorum replay files for the commonwealth of all EB players. Please submit all replays to

Creating Game Pages

See Sample Game for template. Please use the Battle infobox for results information.

When submitting EB replay file (.rpy) download links, make certain that they are from an EB 1.2 installation without any submods that may hamper with playback consistency, and that they were played using the Rome: Total War 1.5 engine using the Multiplayer EDU. (If there are any discrepancies or deviations from this de facto standard, please indicate so on the game page.)

In order to view the replays correctly, and due to the fact that these are multiplayer EDU replays (either custom or online), you will need to load them using the multiplayer EDU version of EB. EB MP does not by default have this option, therefore you will need to modify the menu file (Rome.lnt) to add this in. For your convenience I have already modded the menu and you can too using the EB MP Load Replay Mod.


Browse replays here.

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