The Europa Barbarorum Wiki Manual of Style is a guide for editors to follow a consistent article style. It is a collection of guidelines and conventions that make articles easier to follow and understand. Please study how wikis work and how to edit one before you start editing. Thank you.


Please register before editing. We ask this of all editors because it helps us to both keep track of your edits as well as keep in touch with you if and when we find it ncessary.

File Naming Conventions

Virtually all of the files editors upload on this wiki are image files. The EB Wiki has File Naming Conventions that make it easier to search for these images in case they need to be reused elsewhere.

Article Layouts

Please see the Layout Guide for information on how to layout articles in this wiki.


  • Please refrain from placing subjective text such as opinions on units or factions within articles. The only section that comes close to such text is the usage section of each unit article and even those must simply state how the unit is used in battle in-game, not whether you believe it to be stronger than another unit. Do not give units or factions ratings or reviews.
  • More points to be added as necessary.
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