Construction is an essential component of Europa Barbarorum and Rome: Total War in general. All construction takes place on the campaign map. Prioritizing one's construction can make the difference between a successful and a failed campaign.


Universal buildings are those buildings which are constructable by the player. These are anything from academies, to roads, to barracks, and to all sorts of buildings.

Use Heading 4 for Building Name (ENGLISH)

List the buildings in alphabetical order (primary language should be English, I don't think there are any buildings that don't have some English name).

Explain the building's effects. Do not copy the description from in-game. Also explain the practical uses of the building. In other words, why would a player want to construct this structure.

List the native language names for the building (and note which name corresponds to which faction). Please stay consistent and stick to one format of listing (i.e. conform to each other's styles).

No government/pastoral buildings here please. These go under Government System.

See workflow on homepage for more info.


Irreplaceable buildings include shrines and holy places that are not constructable, but rather available from the start of the game. These structures can only be destructed.

Use heading 4 again.

Same as for Universal, just placing shrines and anything the player can't construct here.


Script-related buildings are those buildings that are found in Terhazza and Eremos. They are used to assist the script. [Somebody please check the spelling on those two provinces, cause I just wrote them from memory, which isn't reliable. Also, if anyone wishes to write another sentence or two explaining exactly HOW they assist the script, that would be appreciated. When finished, please remove this note I wrote in brackets. Thanks. --Vartan]

Use heading 4 again.

Same as for Universal, just placing script-related buildings like those in Terhazza.


See the Government System page.

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